Romance wuxia drama

Romance wuxia drama

I've seen it 10x, literally! So many characters and so good! You seem like you have watched a lot of wuxia dramas. If you have watched anything similar to these scenes, can you please tell me? So, first, the male characters are not the half bald type with braided hair. The female lead and male lead's swords glow. There was one scene where she stabbed the male with her sword not sure if accidental or not but nurse him back to health. There's also one scene where she went to visit her mum?

Her mum then gave her a hat with veil to cover her face since her face was bruised from the beating. The male lead was willing to exchange for the girl but she said no. Oh yea, the male and female's swords are like if they combine and attack, it's really powerful or something.

Another one is I'm not sure if I recall correctly but even though I don't really remember the female lead character's name. I know these scenes are quite vague and could fit in many dramas.

I would be very grateful 'cause I can't seem to find it no matter what. Okay, I just remembered something else, the female lead was poisoned at some part and became blind temporarily.

Tho there is only 1 drama i remember where the female lead wears black, and her name is dragon lady and the male characters are NOT the half bald braided type. But other than that the rest of the scenes don't seem to fit so it's probably not what your looking for? Oh, thanks for your reply. Yea, I don't think that's the one.

I can't read chinese. Hopefully, I'll be able to find it somehow. Lol yea good luck. She is saved time and again by Xiao Shi Yi Lang and they eventually fall in love, despite her being a married woman. HI i rly need your help i'm trying to find this Ancient China tv series that I watched ages ago like almost 8 years but i can't rmb the name.

The plot revolves around a girl who is actually a princess of the previous Chinese dynasty but she ends up falling in love with the emperor of the current dynasty? Hey, I've finally found the one I was looking for. Have you watched it before? If you know anywhere I can watch with english subtitles, please tell me. May you have share the same fate as I. I spent half a day searched for it then I stopped.

Then one day, tonight, as I was searching about an hour my hands is hurting from tapping on laptop, I thought oh that main girl I remember has a hair band looks like that one girl who is a sister plays in one of Tang Yan's drama. I searched Tang Yan, selected Unbeatable drama, then clicked on Dong Xuan, then on her lists of drama I finally found this. Going through the Wuxia list on Wikipedia turns out it wasn't even in Wikipedia.

But I found it nevertheless, It is like a miracle. I don't know or who to tell this ground breaking finding to. So i am here commenting. Too bad this show isn't in English sub. My luck is still bad.I will watch a few episodes to see if worth to continue etc. Waiting for under the power, handsome siblings, the untamed and the gods.

Goodbye My Princess 2. The Story of Minglan 3. Listening Snow Tower 3. The Thunder. Douban rating was 8. CCTV nationwide ratings averaged 1.

Chinese Historical Drama OST Compilation; 2018/ 2019 Playlist

Those who are fans of Gao Weiguang's Donghua Dijun from Eternal Love, would find this role a bit reminiscent of Dijun, but at the same time you'll find it superbly differently as well. Gank your heart starring Wang Yibo of The Untamed is a surprisingly excellent drama set in the world of eSports which I thought would've bored me, but ended up being some of the best parts of the series.

Highly recommended. I don't like the character of Female Lead in go Go Squid there. Gank your heart, please include it. It was a surprise for me too. I never thought I would like it this much.

Really enjoyed it. And the opening song by WYB was great.

romance wuxia drama

Just loved it. I need help with recalling a c-drama. Pair of exes reunite. Broke up as students. Male lead was a very successful artist but unable to paint after a traumatic experience. Hid a painting of the female lead. Female lead a struggling curator. Ring any bells? Here is our ongoing list of c-drama recommendations. It is based on dramas that achieved good ratings along with some of our own picks. Is it a must-watch, pretty good, just another drama, tolerable or downright boring?

Help spread the c-drama love. If you would like to add a drama to the list or contribute a short review, please contact us with a writeup and we can include it under the comments section above.

Also see our Chinese drama recommendations. Labels: Ratings and RecommendationsTop Dramas.I dropped The King's Woman. Yes, why? I have it on-hold at the moment, but I'll most probably drop it, because I know the ending. I watched 27 episodes and got bored :. I feel like it was one of the few long shows that kept keeping my attention for long enough Plus, I really loved the way how they shot the scenes.

The Best & Most Popular Chinese Dramas You Must Watch in 2019 (Updated)

I also put it on hold and then learned that the ending is rather sad, but I decided to finish anyway. Sure, it didn't have a happy ending, but it still kind of made sense to me considering all events thta led to it.

I'm afraid that I didn't watch enough historical Chinese dramas to be able to make more recommendations.

romance wuxia drama

Honestly, I don't mind sad ending. I'm used to it. I just got bored when the story focused on the palace's intrigues. I saw many chinese dramas and the plot was just too common : It's similar to what happens when you watch too many k-dramas.

I watched over k-dramas and nowadays it's very hard to find something interesting I drop almost every drama I start watching :. Also, just my two cents but I don't think you're missing out by dropping the King's Woman if you were bored in the middle. The Eternal Love is a short webdrama, but really good and I highly recommend it. Journey is also pretty good but some parts are set in modern day though the majority is set in historical times.

You could also try Ice Fantasy. Personally, I thought this one was really beautiful to look at and had an amazing OST, but the story is not that great.

It does fit what you're looking for though. Legend of Lu Zhen is pretty decent as well. Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost is coming out next month and is a heavily romance based historical. I've read the novel so I can say the story will be good! I was thinking about the Imperial Doctress but it has many negative comments. I've just watched the first ep of Legend of Lu Zhen, but wasn't sure about it. Thanks for your reccommendation : I will keep watching it :. I will give it a try with The Eternal Love.

I didn't want to try it before, because chinese historical webdramas tend to be silly and poor made.Almost done with Legend of Qin; full of action, drama, and splash of funny clips. Enjoyed watching it but annoyed at how the mc is ignorant at important times. Can u recommend any drama that has the similar genre or storyline with Swordsman n perfect couple??

I haven't seen Perfect Couple should i? It was really good and have the same actor Wallace Huo. Wallace Huo was in Chinese Paladin 3 as well if you haven't seen that:. Me and my mother love the legend of miyue. Do you know where I can find the drama subbed in English from episode five to episode 81? Hi Brittney i doubt it'seems subbed especially at 81 eps but suggest u try dramacool.

Anyone know if there's season 2? Just wanted 2 compliment u on your wonderfully informative blog. Very much appreciated and hope u have a great weekend. Hi, is there another drama like Novoland, by any chance? The beautiful scenery and music played a big part too.

But anyway, the main male lead is one of a kind and I loved the chemistry between him and the female lead, is there another drama like that? Hi Athena - I feel like a lot of heroes in fantasy series undergo quite a bit of growth in the sense that they're immature, powerless and what not at the start of every story - Legend of Qin and Rift of the Sky are examples of such.

But if I have to think of one that's more similar to Novoland, this may be a stretch but what about Moon Lovers, so far Lee Joon Ki has been brooding and certainly not acting like the typical hero. Other than that I'm drawing a blank actually hehe not sure if you can tell but I'm basically really into Moon Lovers now hence the suggestion:. Hi, I watched go princess go 3 times in a row and I still can't get over it.

I would like a drama like that very much. Historical and comedy. It's really awesome and I also love your blog. Can you recommend me some drama like go princess go? Thank you very much. Hi Selena thanks for dropping by. Go Princess Go humor is hard to top. I can't think of a similar one off the top of my head but if I do I'll let u know:. I may have found one - it's called Crazy Queen airing now: pretty crazy plot with a striking resemblance to Go Princess Go actually.

I haven't seen it yet tho so not sure if it's any good. Hi, I am a fan of wuxia series. I prefer wuxia to xiansia but most recent dramas are all of xianxia genre. Any recommendations on recent dramas with good storyline and less CGI effects?

I am currently watching Legend of Chusen and gonna finish soon. Hi:, I'm the same as you in terms of preference but I hardly have any wuxia to recommend coz it's all about xianxia these days. I just finished Chusen and Ice Fantasy actually but if you really want a wuxia. Another more recent one is Singing All Along which is more historical than wuxia but it's good, I'm liking it a lot:.PollDrama Wuxia. Ancient Detective Episodes Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2 Episodes Great Ruler Episodes Handsome Siblings Episodes The Untamed Special Edition Episodes Sword Dynasty Episodes Thunderbolt Fantasy 2 Episodes The Mysterious World Episodes Lovely Swords Girl Episodes Love and Destiny Episodes New Smiling Proud Wanderer Episodes Great Master Episodes The Wolf Episodes Young Blood Episodes Princess Silver Episodes Listening Snow Tower Episodes Legend of White Snake Episodes Your Highness 2 Episodes Sword of Legends 2 Episodes The Legends Episodes Cupid of Chou Dynasty Episodes Border Town Prodigal Episodes The Princess Comes Across Episodes Dagger Mastery Episodes Let's Shake It 2 Episodes Painting Heart Expert Episodes Martial Universe Episodes Fights Break Sphere Episodes Whenever I look up "Chinese drama recommendations", there's always at least one or two wuxia dramas, and I find those super difficult to get into.

If yes, I have a list for that too. I missed that part initially haha anyways, try those two, they're pushing your episode limit but 30 is still good, right? I just crossed this page because I'm currently hooked in watching C-Dramas, I'm a K-Drama fan though, just trying to explore C-dramas too. Now I don't know what to watch next. Can you recommend? I prefer RomComs.

Thanks in advance. A Glass Mask and Skip Beat type of story. I say watch "my little princess", it's a romantic comedyI didn't think I would like it but after I while I came to love it and I actually rewatched it several times :. Love your list Ana! I love wuxia films and it helps me to connect to Chinese culture! Thank you for your posts! O yes, how often do you update your lists with new wuxia?

There's no fixed time because I usually update as and when I come across something. I'm pretty sure I'll be adding Princess Agents to the list once it comes out though I am currently on episode 27, and I don't know if it's because of the current depressed mood I'm in, life kicking my butt with more exams starting next week, or left over trauma from Princess Agents, but my goodness this show is terrible.

Wayyyyy too many missed meetings, keeping info, self-inflicted masochism and angst if we cut down on all the misunderstandings and narrow missed meetings, this show would have ended in 30 episodes The whole thing is boring. But then again, I was the one who liked Princess Agents at least the initial episodes. My taste is very suspect nowadays.As usual, China releases so many new dramas this year, that it can be hard to pick which drama to watch.

I tried to be as objective as possible in my selection.

romance wuxia drama

Similarly, I chose the most popular Chinese dramas based on 1 the number of mentions on social media 2 the number of ratings on Douban and various sites, and finally 3 search ranking globally. As it is difficult to measure popularity, I admit that the selection of the most popular Chinese drama is influenced by my impression that a certain drama is popular. I strongly recommend Viki because you can watch in HD and the timed comments are hilarious. Most dramas in this list are available for free with ads on Viki.

The ads are pretty annoying though so a subscription can be a good idea for hardcore fans. Below are the two best Chinese dramas of this year. They are must-watches if you are a C-drama lover.

Available online at Amazon Prime and Viki.

2016 Best Chinese Period Dramas

As the attack is approaching near, the investigation team has to seek help from a death row inmate. This decision leads to many complicated political consequences, especially the fight for power between the Crown Prince and the Prime Minister. The drama has earned high praise both in China and internationally with a rating of 8. For the modern genre, I have selected All is well as the best Chinese Drama this year. The drama is about the relationship of members in Family Su.

With the death of their mothers, the family starts falling apart. Who will take care of their old and conservative father? Su family members must find a way to not only solve this problem but also to learn to connect and love each other again. All is Well is highly praised for its realistic and artistic portrayals of the problems that modern families face.

It receives a rating of 7. All is Well is also so popular that it became a major trending topic on Chinese social media in early This is the must-watch CDramas this year for those who like good-looking cast and an easy-to-follow-through story. For people who like more mature stuff, read on and decide for yourselves: to watch or not to watch?

Available online at Viki. For the historical genre, The Untamed is inarguably the most popular new Chinese Drama. It is the most talked-about CDrama on Twitter right now. The drama is based on a famous BL xianxia novel. The story revolves around 2 cultivators who are also very good friends, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji.

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