Jeep trailer for sale

Jeep trailer for sale

See all 11 photos. Aside from the spectacular Bivouac Fort off-road camping trailer featured on fourwheeler. Like the Fort, all of the tow-behinds below are designed for off-road travel.

Some are meant for more rugged trails and terrain than others, but the best little camper is the one that fits your Jeeping lifestyle best. So check these out and find your camping adventure! The company even suggests its preferred lightweight Carry-On 4x8-foot flatbed utility trailer you can purchase at Tractor Supply Company as the base for your hand-built teardrop trailer. The plans include a complete list of suggested materials sizes and amounts of plywood, fir boards, masonite, glue, silicone, hardware, etc.

Access to gear can be gained through a side door, tailgate, and sliding cargo trays. Sitting atop the trailer is a CVT Mt. Hood rooftop tent. Its main cargo box is gauge zinc-washed steel. The frame and cargo box are covered in a textured powdercoat. Major standard features include a drop-down tailgate, 2-inch coupler, LED lights, and swing-away jack on trailer tongue.

jeep trailer for sale

The entire thing rides on inch tires and inch wheels with 5x4. Major options include a node box, 5-gallon fuel and water cans, electric brakes seven-way RV wiring system comes with electric brakes12V auxiliary power system, and a Max Coupler multi-axis coupler.

Smittybilt The RECON off-road camping trailer from Smittybilt features a fully boxed and powdercoated frame, a leaf-spring solid-axle suspension, electric trailer brakes, and a payload of 1, pounds. It also offers 2-inch receivers at both ends of the trailer so that articulating hitches can be used up front and accessory racks can be mounted out back.

Three jacks create stability when the trailer is unhitched from the tow vehicle.

The adjustable top rack system is designed for carry an optional tent. A gauge powdercoated tub offers a large main compartment and two side cabinets, a gallon water tank sits inside the main compartment leaving plenty of room for gear, and the side compartments are perfect for items such as a generator and camp kitchen components. The box on the trailer tongue is the perfect place for a battery and other electrical accessories.

Standard tires are inchers on steel wheels with a 5x5 bolt pattern, but the trailers fenders are removable to allow for up to inch tires. You can even get optional airbag helper springs. The cabin uses a reinforced Baltic Birch rib system for sturdiness off-road, and the 4-inch-thick fullsize high-density foam mattress provides comfort and room for two adults. The galley comes standard with a two-burner propane stove, mounted in a sliding drawer, with a nestled utensil drawer.

The company offers more than 50 options, so you can truly customize the trailer to your needs. Its deck is made from diamond-plate aluminum, and its cage-like structure is TIG-welded and powdercoated aluminum. Major standard features of the pound GO trailer include a 1,pound GVWR Dexter TorFlex torsion suspension axle, 13 inches of ground clearance, lockable and weather-tight gear storage in its front pod, Control-Tilt cargo bed with hydraulic dampers, and aluminum wheels with self-lubricating hubs.

Also along for the ride is a spacious waterproof and well-ventilated tent that can sleep four, insulated bed platforms, self-inflating air mattresses, and stabilizer jacks in all four corners.

TCTeardrops Teardrop-style camping trailers have been all the rage with the classic car crowd, and now they are coming back in a big way with Jeepers too.Click on email button. Welcome to eWillys. I update this website nearly every day with jeep deals, jeep history, interesting reader projects, jeep related info, and more. These quick searches can help you find things on eBay.

People list in the wrong categories all the time, so don't be surprised to see brochures in the parts area for example. The links to posts below show jeeps grouped by models, condition, and other ways. Some of these jeeps are for sale and others have been sold. If you are unsure whether a vehicle is still for sale or not, email me at d [at] ewillys. There are plenty of interesting, unusual, historic and surprising stories related to Jeeps and their owners. In addition, some of these features have nothing to do with jeeps.

This link will display all featured stories starting from the latest. Looking for parts and not sure where to go? There are a variety of large and small new and used parts sellers both online and offline.

Importantly, the allure of buying a project jeep can be romantic. The reality of restoring a jeep can be quite different, expensive and overwhelming without the right tools and resources.

So, tread carefully when purchasing a "project". If you have any concerns about buying a vintage jeep, or run across a scam, feel free to contact me for help, comments or concerns. Gate functional and body solid. Nice trailer. It has great axle clearance at 16 in. It has new lights and wiring.

And a new trailer jack. TJ spotted this custom trailer. Will probably need some work. Was sandblasted years ago.Make Livin Lite. Make Livin' Lite. Model Jeep Extreme Trail Edition. As rugged as they are functional, there's no need for campground-this camper will go wherever you and your vehicle can take it! This trailer has the capability to go anywhere that your modified Jeep will go.

Weight: lbs Height: 52 inches Width: 88 inches Ground Clearance: 15 inches Be sure to check your tow vehicle manufacturers published tow ratings and not exceed those ratings.

Failure to do so may void your warranty on your tow vehicle and cause unsafe towing conditions.

10 Off-Road Camping Trailers Perfect For Your Jeep

Model Jeep Trail Edition. Jeep pop-up will go where others won,t. With full size tires you can take the back trailsEasy to go up, easy to go down.

Contact Sales Department. Featuring 6 feet of length in black, this new folding camper boasts sleeping space for up to 4 guests! The Trail Edition camper is designed for destinations that are a little easier to access. It features lightweight, all-aluminum construction, 12 inches of ground clearance, trailing arm suspension, and inch premium brand Radial tires.

Go anywhere, camp anywhere, with the all new Jeep Camper. This new Jeep camper easily sleeps four individuals comfortably and weighs in at only lbs. So, for a real JEEP adventure this camper will add to the feeling. Matching your jeep of any kind. This Jeep pop-up camper can take on the destinations of the hard-core off roader.

It can go anywhere that your modified Jeep will go. It features a lightweight, all-aluminum construction and trailing arm suspension. Step inside through the side man door and find a sofa bed with table, storage cabinet and flip-out bed base 60"x78", plus so much more. Privacy Drapes. RIVA Seal. Don't wait to make an appointment with one of our helpful sales people today!

Overland JEEP Trailer!

This affordable, high quality Jeep Camper by Livin' Lite won't last long! Call now! This new Jeep camper easily sleeps four individuals comfortably and weighs in at only 1, lbs.

M416 Trailer: Overland Camping Based on Military Jeep Trailer

Privacy Drapes, Extra Frame Support. Model Jeep Edition. Jeep Wrangler is for demonstration purposes only. Make Livin. All Livin Lite products come with 3 year structural. Now ready for your adventures! Asking 10, North Fort Myers, FL.

Billings, MT.Posted By: Savage Camper. With both a passion for Jeeps and camping, curiosity led me to start wondering, what Jeep camping gear options are out there? The typical Jeep owner obviously loves the outdoors, and probably loves to camp too. The ActionCamper appears to have lots of storage and enough room for two to sleep. One really cool Jeep camping accessory is the Overlander Awning by Smittybilt. One can only imagine how handy this would be on a hot day! With easy setup, the awning comes in 2 sizes: 6.

Some of the features include:. The JL30 hardtop model is designed for models. Some of the features that come with this cool Jeep camper worth noting, include:. These little tent trailers appear to be able to handle off-road no problem as Tentrax says they can easily be towed to remote off-road camp sites. Like their J30 pop up, the J camper is made with lightweight composite materials which they say minimize impact on handling while decreasing noise.

The Jeep tent has low-current interior LED lighting. When closed, the hardtop camper has a low, streamlined profile to minimize wind noise and maintain gas mileage.

You can still get parts for these campers through the manufacturer.

jeep trailer for sale

The tent mounts to a roof rack and unfolds easily in minutes. Folds up with all your bedding in it to free up storage elsewhere. Optional annex provides added space and protection from the elements. Other options include a retractable awning and purpose designed roof rack cage. The tent is also mountable to the rear or side of a vehicle or trailer. Comes with a sturdy, retractable aluminum latter and lots of other goodies. View more roof rack tents.

Before getting your hopes up with this sleek looking Jeep camper with fold-out tent top, I have to inform you that EarthRoamer discontinued this model in so they could focus their development resources on hard-shell models for other 4-wheel drive trucks, as stated on their website. However, they still feature the camper on their website. This Jeep camper trailer which no longer appears to be in production, so check for used models sports lightweight, all-aluminum construction and is designed to look like the back half of a Jeep.Posted By: Savage Camper.

jeep trailer for sale

The M jeep trailer was an off-road capable cargo trailer. Small, but stout due to being military grade hardware, the trailer could handle much of the terrain when in tow behind a jeep or other off-road vehicle.

The M trailer was designed to be paired with the M jeep during the Vietnam era, and is based on its predecessors, the K from WW2 and the M from the Korean war era.

Jeep Camping Gear: Campers & Trailers for Jeeps

Base Weight: lbs. The Ethos Travois offers a standard utility trailer, or the Travois X-1 which is the same trailer, with camping accessories added.

Pictured: Ethos Travois X-1 Trailer styled after the m trailer. The steel trailer comes as a complete trailer, the Steel Series or as a DIY off-road trailer kitmaking it an affordable option. The trailer includes a CVT roof top tent12V system, propane and a mr.

jeep trailer for sale

I am looking for a used military cargo trailer for jeep to hall away junk in my back yardan a x military capt. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This site uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Savage Camper, you accept our use of cookies. Thank you.To create a cluster, you can select an arbitrary number of clusters (i. You can use scales to select how each field influences the distance measure used to group instances together.

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