Falconar aircraft for sale

Falconar aircraft for sale

From the s to the s plans were sold by Falconar Aviation of Edmonton downtown municipal airport. A handful were built by amateur aircraft constructors aka homebuilders in Canada and the United States. Most were powered by certified Lycoming or Continental engines. The nosewheel retracted into the bow and was covered by two conventional side-hinged doors. A rarity among flying boats was its engine location in a nacelle, above the wing, with the propeller rotating immediately in front of the windscreen.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Design and development [ edit ] The Teal was based on the two- or three-seat AMF Marandaand was built mostly of wood. Falconar Avia aircraft. Falconar Avia Manna Aviation. Categories : s Canadian civil utility aircraft Flying boats Homebuilt aircraft Single-engined tractor aircraft High-wing aircraft Amphibious aircraft Falconar aircraft Aircraft first flown in Namespaces Article Talk.

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falconar aircraft for sale

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falconar aircraft for sale

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Tag not interested. Target Price. All your notes are available each time you log in and in your Manage My Aircraft Search page. No aircraft have been viewed during this user session. I have an existing MyASO account. I do not have a MyASO account. Login ID email address.Falconar Avia was a Canadian aircraft manufacturer based in Edmonton, Alberta. The company specialized in the design and manufacture of kits and plans for amateur construction.

Founded in the s by aeronautical engineer Chris Falconar, the company created a new aircraft fabric covering process called Hipec. The company also acquired a large list of aircraft designs that were either orphaned, like the Fauvel AV. The company provided plans and kits for all their designs, as well as parts and modification kits for other aircraft, including the Ercoupe.

ByFalconar recommended a large number of changes to the design, which resulted in Jurca leaving the project. The modified aircraft was developed as the Falconar SAL Mustangfirst flown in after significant cost overruns. Falconar Aircraft Ltd was sold to George F. Chivers and other investors and operated as Sturgeon Air Ltd with Falconar as an employee until In Falconar established a new Falconar Aviation Ltd. Falconar also carried on operations as president of Hirth engines during this time.

In the company was dissolved following legal disputes and was reestablished in its current form as Falconar Avia Inc. Falconar died on 9 September The company operations were wound up on 30 June and the design rights sold. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Falconar Avia Former type. EdmontonAlberta. BAI Communications, 15 July Belvoir Publications.

Retrieved 12 November Air Progress. November All ribs, bulkheads and most parts shown full size in professionally drawn plans. Construction manuals included. Features include jettisonable canopy, removable fiberglass belly scoop, electric or manual flaps, and electric or manual tailwheel retract.

In Falconar Avia produced supplemental plans for a PB two-seater. The new plans depict the turtle-deck and canopy otherwise it is identical to the basic two-seater. The turtle-deck structure involves elliptical cross-section skin formers.

Then the double-curvature skin section is a fibreglass and resin composite piece. The turtle-deck sides are simple skins of 1. On June 30,Falconar Avia Inc closed for business and assets dissolved. Engine: Ranger C5. HP range: Speed max: mph. Height: 7 ft. Length: Wing span: Wing area: sq. Fuel cap: 36 USG. Weight empty: lb Gross: lb Vne: mph Cruise: mph. Range: sm. Stall: 60 mph. ROC: fpm. Landing dist: ft.

TO dist: ft. Service ceiling: 17, ft. Seats: Cockpit with: 24 in Landing gear: retractable tail wheel.Description Description The Jodel D. More than 3, examples have been built and flown. The first example flew on 4 April Of conventional tailwheel configuration, the D11 featured a fixed, spatted undercarriage, and accommodated pilot and passenger side-by-side.

The wing panels outboard of the landing gear struts had a marked dihedral. The aircraft uses all-wood construction with a single piece box-spar.

Many examples were also home-built with plans provided by Falconar. General characteristics: Crew: one Capacity: one passenger or student pilot Length: 6. At the time he had been looking around for an aircraft to build.

Initially he looked at the KR2 but that was just too marginal and after doing some research he decided on the Jodel and acquired a partially built one that he kept in the back of the hangar at Comair. The Jodel followed him when he moved to Celair where he assisted with the design of the CelStar aerobatic glider. When Resitex went insolvent Stewart joined Episilon Engineering with the partially completed Jodel in tow.

Then UEK came on the market. By then Stewart had realised that he would probably never finished the partially built one and he took a loan from a bank and bought UEK. Based at Zyferfontein she needed some work to get into flying condition and Stewart spent the next six months traveling between Pretoria and Zyferfontein to get her ready for her ferry flight to Fly-in Estate. Jeff Birch flew her to her new home and then later gave Stewart his conversion. With the engine fitted, part of the engine run in flight was a cross country trip down to Paradise Beach, Jeffreys bay.

Stewart and family had moved down to Paradise beach to start developing and manufacturing the Whisper motorglider kits. They would remain there for ten years.

Whilst there, a broken wing rib was noticed whilst flying. Upon landing the wing fabric was cut open and indeed there was a broken rib. The broken rib was repaired and before recovering, the wings were load tested to 3. In the 10 full recovering and a new coat of paint as well as a new reshaped cowling and an extra 45 litre fuel tank behind the seat.

InGregory, Stewarts son was in matric. Greg had ambitions to become a commercial pilot and did not plan on getting a university degree. The competition was to design, document and build a RC sized electric car. The car was to be powered by a 9v battery, it had to race down a 1. The cars were to race against each other to determine the fastest car.We noticed you're using an unsupported browser which may result in limited or no functionality for portions of our website.

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Search by Aviation Directory Home. Occupancy Crew : 2. Range Normal Range : nm Service Ceiling : ft. The average price of the Falconar F8L is not available. Interested in buying this aircraft click here! The aircraft was designed by the renowned Italian designer Stelio Frati inand originally built in Italy by Aviamilano then Aeromere and later Laverda. The Falco is currently sold in kit or plans form for amateur construction by the Sequoia Aircraft Company of Richmond, Virginia.

The aircraft is single-engined, propeller driven and designed for private and general aviation use. The design was adopted in the US in the s and converted to kit form.

The aircraft is widely considered to be one of the best handling, strongest, and most aesthetically pleasing designs ever made available to home builders. Disclaimer: Information on this site may not be accurate or current and is not valid for flight planning or any other aircraft operations.

No warranty of fitness for any purpose is made or implied.

falconar aircraft for sale

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falconar aircraft for sale

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