Eye hurts after doing coke

Eye hurts after doing coke

Designer Eyeglasses Sports Glasses. Question Ask questions. Tips: Your question will be answered in 24 hours. Why did i get eye pain after vomiting I just vomited and experienced some very severe eye pain and my head felt like it was expanding. It really hurts.

Why did i get eye pain after vomiting? What causes that?

eye hurts after doing coke

Related Topics : eye pain eye problems. Answer the question. Sometimes, you would feel uncomfortable to cause repeated vomiting, which would build up muscular tension, especially the stomach muscle. At the same time, it would increase intra-cranial pressure immediately, that is to say, the blood pressure could be increased due to the muscle movement.

And the chronic pressure on the eyes could cause pain normally. However, you have to go to see eye doctor if the redness and pain lasts for a long period because it could cause macular degeneration as well.

Weird Feeling for Days After Using Cocaine

Helpful 6 Report Abuse. The problem you describe is called a subconjunctival haemorrhage and it's completely harmless.

It will disappear in a couple of weeks and doesn't require any medical treatment. The haemorrhage is caused by an increase in pressure in the abdominal cavity that spreads to the blood vessels and causes the tiny vessels in the mucous membrane of the eye to burst. This is why the condition typically occurs in connection with coughing or vomiting.

Helpful 3 Report Abuse. The vomiting will cause head congestion even eye congestion, especially severe vomiting after drinking, so the eyes turn red and get distending pain.The best cocaine tip is to cut out the white stuff completely. After all, even the purest cocaine carries the risk of overdosetriggering mental illness, dangerous cardiac and neurological consequences, and unpleasant cocaine withdrawal symptoms.

Regardless, if you do choose to use cocaine, a few harm reduction strategies will help reduce your risks. Cocaine users can find themselves taking the drug multiple times in one session.

eye hurts after doing coke

This is known as a cocaine binge. The half-life of cocaine is two to four hours, which is pretty short for a stimulant. For the best chance at a painless recovery, and to reduce the risk of addiction, let the drug wear off, get some rest, and don't use again the next day.

Cocaine is well known for the " crash " that happens after coming down from the cocaine high. This unpleasant state is marked by physical and mental exhaustion, and often, a low mood. Using more cocaine, alcohol, or other drugs to avoid withdrawal will simply increase the intensity of the symptoms when they catch up with you. A better approach is to get some sleep or planning a day of rest ahead of time if you know you're likely to binge.

eye hurts after doing coke

Also, be sure to drink plenty of water or juice and eat some food, even if you don't feel like it. Your body needs nutrients to recover and small things will help significantly. It can even eat a hole in your septum after awhile. Some people recommend diluting cocaine with water before snorting to reduce the damage to your nose. You can also insert the straw deeper into your nasal passage so the cocaine doesn't get stuck in the nose hairs.

Alternating nostrils and ensuring the cocaine is chopped into a fine powder will also help. Take a break from cocaine if you develop tissue damage in your nose. It will give your body a chance to recover. Sharing anything that you use cocaine with can lead to infection. Snorting straws can pick up small particles that may carry infectious diseases. Likewise, a pipe with a broken piece may cut users unexpectedly and sharing a pipe puts you at risk for oral herpes and other diseases.

If you smoke cocaine, be cautious about burning yourself. Avoid using makeshift pipes or foil from bottles, cans, or other sources as you may be inhaling harmful chemicals. If you have never injected cocaine, it's best not to start.Guest over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for?

New Reply Follow New Topic. Guest over a year ago i did cocaine in the past and right side of head and eye hurt after later it went away always been weaker on right side. Drinked too much the other night and woke up with just right side of head hurting left side doesnt bother me.

It sounds like you want your life to move in a healthier direction. It also sounds like you might need some help with that. If you continued to use with those type of symptoms, you probably need some support to stop. My advise would be to contact your local agency that can refer you to a rehab program that would work for you and how to investigate financial options, if needed.

Gather all of the support that you can so that your can be successful. You may need to change your environment so that you can stay sober. Best wishes to you. You can do it! Please continue to update us about your progress. Good luck! Quick reply.

If you want to get notified by every reply to your post, please register. It is FREE! No, thanks Register.What exactly are the effects of cocaine and what does cocaine do?

The GQ Doctor answers your questions, talks you through the side effects and tells you all about the risks involved. Cocaine is an old drug: it originates from a plant called coca, which has been around since the ancient Incas. It was first extracted in by a German chemist and in its infancy was used to treat depression and impotence. Coca-Cola notoriously infused its drinks with cocaine in the s until it became evident to the US government that it had a problem, finally banning the drug in It has a number of secondary effects including a numbing sensation that classic tongue dab as well as reducing the blood supply to certain parts of the body more on the dangers of that in a second.

In fact, in medicine there are a number of local anaesthetics — drugs to make areas of the body go numb — which are similar in their chemical composition to cocaine but much safer to use, the commonest known being lignocaine. Analysts looked at the concentration of benzoylecgonine, the breakdown product of cocaine, in water.

Not unexpectedly levels were highest at the weekend but still pretty high during the week. United Kingdom statistics estimated that 2. Users report feeling buzzed, having more energy, being able to drink longer and feeling more confident. A common cocktail is alcohol depressant and cocaine stimulant. This can lead to people consuming far more in the way of both substances than their body can tolerate due to the counter effects and therefore making dangerous decisions as a result.

Cocaine use has been linked to a number of medical complications. Often these are life-threatening, including heart attacks due to a lethal combination of speeding up the heart rate whilst also reducing the blood supply to the heart vasoconstriction and strokes a similar phenomenon only affecting the blood vessels to the brain. Deaths attributed to cocaine which includes crack cocaine, notably more potent have been rising year on year with more than deaths in England and Wales in Cocaine is highly addictive and one part of the challenge of giving it up is just how socially acceptable this drug has come to be.

It can be found in barshouse parties, concerts and weddings. Professionals regard it as a clean and sociable drug no needles, no crack housesbut all these conveniences clearly contribute to the challenges users face giving it up. Make no mistake, cocaine can destroy relationshipscareers and lives. If you feel you need support, the best place to start is an NHS service such as your GP or your local drug treatment service.

As with a lot of other addictions, support groups such as NA Narcotics Anonymous and talking therapies are key and form the mainstay of treatment. How to give up smoking. What happens if I switch to a plant-based protein powder? British GQ.Not alot at all, just enough to straighten me out so I didn't go home spinning.

The last time however, I was at a keg party and did, at most, 4 bumps. I got the usual rush, but this time my heart was pounding out of my chest. Naturally, I got paranoid about it and it made it feel worse. Eventually it subsided and I just went on about my night.

When I woke up however, I had a very odd feeling in me. I had extremely high anxiety, paranoia, depression, a weird feeling in my heart and stomach, as well as "tension" in my head. For about 2 days this happened and the third day todayit finally feels like it's gone. Does anyone know what this was? Yo its fine It is a mild and short withdrawl period The cocaine takes a couple of days to be fully released from the body The next day after the intra-nasal use of cocaine you may feel a bit depressed, paranoid, or just plain ugh Cocaine can give you a magnificent high but like the saying says what goes up must come down That feeling you get is how people get and stay addicted You may have been more easily upset or angry for no apparant reason, this is the after effect of cocaine Just remember before you snort you will have a down time of days The last time however, I was at a keg party and did, at most, 4 bumps Check out the site below and stop screwing around with chemicals, dude!

If you gotta do something, switch to weed. Never heard of anyone dying of an overdose of weed. First I would have to say, be careful!!!As many as 21 million people across the world use cocaine, and headache ranks near the top of the list of health ailments that result from its use. Ninety percent reported current headache — a higher percentage than previous research has indicated.

Of the 72 patients with headache, The most common types of headache reported were migraine without aura and probable migraine without aura. The majority of patients reported that cocaine intake made their headaches worse, although a minority reported that acute cocaine use eased their headache pain. An unexpected finding, the authors said, is that cocaine-induced headache, as classified by the ICHD-II criteria, occurred in just 2.

Cocaine-induced headaches are defined as those that develop within an hour after cocaine use and last up to 72 hours, with at least one of the following symptoms: bilaterality, frontotemporal location, pulsating quality, and worsening with physical activity. In more than 87 percent of the study patients, headache developed 2 or more hours after cocaine use, and almost one-third of patients reported pain outside of the frontotemporal area.

Also significant, the authors said, is that the majority of patients reported taking analgesics without medical advice to control their migraine-related pain. It is not clear how cocaine contributes to headache, but the authors say they believe it likely creates an imbalance in the dopamine and serotonin systems, although cocaine also affects the cardiovascular system, and those effects could contribute as well.

The authors of the study, which appeared recently in Cephalalgia, recommend that health care professionals should inquire about cocaine use, especially among their migraine patients. Tags: cocaineheadachesymptoms. No Comments.

Snorting Cocaine: Side Effects and Dangers

Subscribe to our Monthly e-Newsletter. Gain access to the most current migraine and headache information, prevention, treatment, research, and news.Report Abuse. Contact Us. Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. Trending Coronavirus. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Eye Care Community. Instant loss of vision after cocaine use turbojoe. Ok, so most of you might judge me wrong from the title but i am just a regular person like anyone else.

I dont do drugs at all but a few years ago i did some experimental drug use with cocaine which is the only one i have ever used. Im a very good person so please dont get me wrong and i am on here to possibly find some help or answers for what i have to deal with everyday.

Cocaine Destruction of the Nose and Nasal cavity Requiring Sphenoidotomy

I snorted cocaine one night and felt a sharp pain in my left eye immediately and lasted a few hours. The next day i noticed my vision was not the same at all.

So i scheduled an appointment with an eye doctor. I was checked out and they said everything looked normal if not better than normal. I told them what had happened and they said it should clear out and that there might be some debris still in there. Waited a month and nothing changed. Went back and they said everything looked fine.

Next i went to a specialty doctor that delt with vision and brain. Ran test after test and i did good on every single one including peripheral vision, cat scan of my brain, and the test where they hook all the wires up to my head. At this point I was very hopeless and i gave up. So a few years, now, i feel that i would be my own doctor and figure this out myself.

I have never heard of this happening before and would like to just know what is wrong with me even if it is not curable.

Thanks in advance! Answer Question. Read 14 Responses. Follow - 2. A few comments: 1. It's not likely anything that is serious or that will lead to loss of sight. The relationship to cocaine use is suspect especially if you're talking about mild use and only a few times.

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