6 oz jig head mold

6 oz jig head mold

See Size Chart Below - for corresponding hooks and sizes. For those who enjoy presenting unique baits and the act of creating their own personal Jig designs, take a look a the Do-It Jig Molds. Do-It is a leader in the tackle craft industry and has been manufacturing and providing molds and various lure making equipment for over 40 years.

A-Series Molds

Each mold is cast from high-grade warp resistant aluminum alloy and is warrantied against manufacturer defects.

The face of every mold is machined smooth and flat to prevent flash and all hinges are machined to tight specifications to assure precision alignment. Do-It also individually inspects each mold to ensure that all hooks and inserts fit properly and for your convenience, the style of any hook or insert is permanently marked on each mold. Do-it prides itself on creating and carrying the highest quality tackle craft products and the Do-It Molds are no exception. Each Do-It Jig Mold is built to provide years of reliable use.

Make sure to use a propane torch to heat your Mold fully before pouring. Grooves for wire keeper too narrow. Had to use dremel to make grooves wider.

Wire forms would not fit and I had to bend every one to get some baits. Poor QA at Do It on this one. So you end up with a mold that has no part to hold the plastic bait. Comments: I love the do-it molds product line. Love the swimjig mold!!! From: R Green: FL. Notify me about Do-it Molds. Add To Wish List.

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6 oz jig head mold

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Do-It Crappie Jig Head Mold mod 1/32 oz to a 1/24 oz

Tackle Tools Lead Melting Equipment. Jig Molds Sub-Categories. Arrowhead Jig. Aspirin Head Jig. Banana Jig. Bullet Jig. Bulletnose Jig. Chub Jig. Crappie Jig. Darter Jig Mold. Egg Head Jig. Erie Jig. Flat Head Jig. Flat Sided Jigs. Football Jig.

Football Jig with Screw-Loc. Gary Yamamoto Swimming Jig. Grave Digger Jig.Special Pricing Available! Please view our updated price sheet for details. Clip lock comes with each mold!

Free standing, no stand or bracket needed. These molds require little to no clean-up or trimming. Choice of the fisherman because of its precision and quality. Also the choice of the production caster because of its durability. No matter where you fish- North, South, East, or West — we have a variety of products to help you make your own money-saving sinkers and jigs for just pennies a piece.

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6 oz jig head mold

Bank Sinker Molds Stock No. None A 2 ea. None A 1 ea. None All sinkers have eyes cast in and are used for all types of fishing. Pyramid Sinker Molds Stock No. M-1 Brass Eyelet A 1 ea. M-2 Brass Eyelet A 1 ea. M-3 Brass Eyelet A 1 ea. M-3 Brass Eyelet Three sided sinker with greater flat surface area to keep the sinker from rolling.

Spin Sinker Molds Stock No. Trolling Sinker. Pencil Sinker Molds Stock No. M-1 Brass Eyelets A 6 ea. M-1 Brass Eyelets A 5 ea. M-1 Brass Eyelets A 4 ea.

M-1 Brass Eyelets All molds accommodate M-1 small eyelets, but eyelets can be let out for use with surgical tubing. When eyelet is cast in lead, the lead can be bent over or clenched over fishing line. Spoon Sinker Molds Stock No. None Sinker is excellent in rocky bottom waters. With a bend in the sinker, it will tend to plane upwards away from hazards. Used mostly on jetties for perch and sea bass.

M-3 Brass Eyelet Two eyelets can be cast in to make it an in-line sinker. Smash it in a vise or hit with hammer and it will resemble a cod sinker for bottom fishing. Weight size is cast in the sinker. Decoy Anchor Molds Stock No. None Self stores string and will fit over decoy's head or cut and bend around neck. Blank Molds Stock No.

Tool and die shops have capabilities of tooling cavities to the customers satisfaction. For this purpose we offer a totally blank mold which is the same size as our regular molds.Do-it Corporation is a world leader in the tackle crafting industry. Do-it has built this reputation by manufacturing the highest quality jig molds, lure molds and sinker molds available.

In addition to providing molds, Do-it prides itself on carrying the highest quality products and accessories available on the market at competitive prices. Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Popular Tags New Product. Brand Do-It Molds. Do-It Mold for aspirin-head jigs. Flat sides for stick-on lure eyes. Barb collars keep plastics in place. Do-It Mold for bullet nose jigs. Do-It Mold for Banana Jigs.

Unique nose diving action. Do-It Mold for Spearhead Jigs. Great in turbulent waters. Precisely mimics injured fish. Do-It Molds for Sparkie Jigs. Gets down deep for big fish.

6 oz jig head mold

Do-It Mold for football swing head jig. Accomodates nearly any plastic bait and flat out catches fish. Make your own Ultra Minnow Jigs. Great for "big ones" down deep. Make your own Tapered Tube Skirt Jigs.

Do-It Screwloc Jig Molds

Make your own Tube Skirt Jigs. Make your own Walleye Jigs. Make your own Worm Nose Jigs. Hook:or Collar: Wire Holder.Local Knowledge. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Lops Start date Aug 25, Lops kayak fishing kicks ass. I have a massive amount of molds for sale. More then are actually listed in the picture.

Last edited: Aug 26, Like to talk in phone. Feb 5, 71 lakewood, ca. Torpedos yes. I have a 5oz production mold, I have a 4oz 16 cavity mold And I have these as well pictured below oz depending on what size you want. Lops said:. I have 2lb cannonball molds, I have 2.

Byron are you getting out of the business? I hope not. Reactions: Lops. Not any time soon I've just got too many molds. I'm replacing all the molds I've collected over the years with large scale production molds.Do-It Screwloc Jig Molds. X Close. GetSearchUrl document. Special Offers! Do-It Screwloc Jig Molds 6 products. Do-It Screwloc series jig molds incorporate a custom built Screw Loc that's positioned perfectly to hold soft plastic baits and keep them from blocking the hook point.

Uses our screwloc insert.

6 oz jig head mold

Do-It suggests the Gamakatsu aberdeen jig hook in the following sizes - Jig Weight oz. Check our optional jig hook listing in our Ask the Experts section for all the jig hook styles and sizes that will work in this mold. Order : Jig Weight oz. The jig's name says what it does, the jig head tips back up when laying on it's side. We recommend the Gamakatsu aberdeen jig hooks in the followng sizes for best performance.

Weight oz. The worm nose jig head fishes in a similar manner to a pegged worm sinker. The screwloc keeps the worm in place on the jig. This 6 cavity mold makes 6 sizes, Jig Weight oz. Use aberdeen jig hooks. Many fishemen prefer this style head for use with some soft plastics to avoid splitting the grub. Notify Me. Email A Friend. Live chat by BoldChat.You'll be waking up a little more awesome tomorrow. Luke Rockhold title fight set for UFC 221Be 'super pissed' all you want, but Georges St-Pierre doesn't owe us anythingTwitter reacts to Georges St-Pierre vacating title, Robert Whittaker-Luke Rockhold at UFC 221UFC Fight Night 123 staff picks: Who's the runaway choice between Cub Swanson, Brian Ortega.

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